TEDx Inspiration …


What a day!  It was full of inspiration, motivation, reflection, community, and forward thinking … all with Sugar Shack donuts on top!  All of this greatness was brought to us by TEDx, specifically TEDx RVA Women, the organization I spent Tuesday & today volunteering with.  If you’re not familiar with TEDx (Technology, Entertainment, Design), it is a nonprofit devoted to providing the platform for the world’s most fascinating doers & thinkers to convey their “Ideas Worth Spreading”.  Each speaker talks on their area of expertise/interest/experience for between 3 & 18 minutes (check out YouTube & you’ll be hooked).  Today was the first time RVA hosted the TEDx Women event & it was very well attended, by both men & women.  There were 258 areas participating worldwide with San Francisco as the ‘hub’ in which simulcasts were streamed into our venues with renown speakers presenting, Diane Nyad being one ~ the swimmer who recently swam from FL to Cuba.  On our local level, we were graced with nearly 20 local women speakers ranging from an overachieving, numerous-patent owner 17-year-old promoting women in the science field to a make-up artist/actress revealing the insecurities & even self-loathing she & women express each day in her make-up chair.  There was so much to take away from each & every one.

I could go on & on with all that I took away from each woman but will rather share the jewels that have stayed with me:

“Don’t cruise in life”

“Go beyond your interest & fuel your belief”

“Write a permission slip for yourself to take care of yourself”

“We need nature to nurture”

“We need to play more”

“Look for the privileges right in front of you” 

“Failures are steps toward success”

“If there’s not a seat at the table then pull up a chair”

“Be comfortable with being uncomfortable”

“Connection is crucial”

“Accept you as you are”

Each talk was passionately spoken & unique, yet there were similar messages being delivered that we as women & people need reminding of.  Reminders that we ARE worthy, we ARE beautiful, we ARE stronger & MORE capable than we give ourselves credit, & very importantly, we have just ONE LIFE to make count.  Oh, how we all need these reminders from time to time.  And then we need to use those reminders to live the life with purpose that we want to live while encouraging/treating ourselves the way we would those we care about.  It’s simple, really.  And so worthwhile.  Yet, it can be a great challenge.

So, recapping today is one way that I’m personally trying to put these reminders to good use & overcome the challenge.  It’s a way to savor & reflect on the inspiration I felt today that left me feeling like I could conquer anything & it will be my reminder on those days of self doubt.  It’s also a reminder for you to remember the same.  So, let’s go live the life we want for ourselves.  Thanks TEDx.

And lastly, this is incredibly apropos today.  Oh, how much we’ve learned from him.  What a legacy he’s left behind.



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